Flow Wine Bar (Review #1 ★★★)

★★★                        $$$                      Wine Bar                      Kingstown


Parking: Street

Open WiFi: Yes

Wheelchair Access: None (You must climb a flight of stairs to get to the restaurant)

Noise: Ambient Music

Dress code: None

Takes reservations: Yes

Flow Wine Bar is a part of a trilogy of restaurants (Flow, Flowt & Bungalow) and all of the restaurants have their own unique personality and charm. Flow Wine Bar, the flagship restaurant, provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Kingstown. Their website puts it best when they say that “Flow provides a completely elegant, sensual, yet casual experience.”


The Wine Bar is calming with its contemporary lighting, neutral tones and soft eclectic music playing in the background. There is quite possibly no where else in Kingstown that offers the type of ambiance which you get here.

Flow offers a number of seating options; high tables, regular mid level tables and couches. There is also seating at the bar area for those who opt out of the the other available options.

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/flowwinebar/


The wine list is pretty extensive, almost overwhelming at first, and there are several options listed on the food menu (appetizers, flat-breads, salads, sandwiches, pasta and the list goes on). You are bound to find something on the menu that peaks your interest whether it is local or international cuisine.

The Wine Bar also offers “Krew”, a brand of locally brewed craft beer in addition to the well known brands such as Hairoun, Heineken and Corona.


Rosé – Saint AIX France 2014

Price: $20 (Full Glass)


Pumpkin Soup (served with garlic bread)

Price: $15WM Flow 2.jpg

The Soup was pretty standard. Great consistency, perfect colour but a bit on the sweet side. The taste was not spectacular, just okay.

Conch Sushi Rice Cakes

Price: $20


This is Flow’s “sushi” creation and oh what an interesting combination and creation it is. Soy sauce is served with the cakes just like a typical sushi roll. There is a crust on the top of the cakes which I cannot begin to describe and a type of cheese sauce under each cake. The strip of nori (seaweed) on the center of each cake is a fantastic touch.

The conch in the cakes gives them a slight crunch which is a great contrast with the soft rice. The taste overall is pretty great.

The cakes however, fall apart very easily especially when dipped in the soy sauce. This can make for some messy eating.

Jalapeño Poppers (served with salsa)

Price: $19

WM Flow 4.jpg

The poppers and the salsa pair great together. It creates a blend and burst of flavours that you do not get by simply eating one or the other.

The poppers themselves are perfectly spicy and crisp. They are ideally bite-sized and far from oily. The salsa portion is a bit small and you may find that you have run out of salsa before finishing your third popper.

Meatballs of Pork and Beef

Price: $26


This is perhaps one of the most visually stunning items on the “small bites” (appetizer) menu. However, you should really never judge a book by its cover. The meatballs themselves are very dry and bland and the tomato sauce which drapes them is extremely sweet and overwhelming. A disappointing conclusion to what is a truly beautiful looking dish.


The hostesses and waiters are pleasant and friendly. They are extremely knowledgeable about almost every wine and food item on the menu and they do not hesitate to advise an indecisive diner.

The service was however, a bit slow even though when I arrived the restaurant only had a few patrons. I have however, experienced much more efficient service here on numerous occasions so it would not be fair to judge harshly on this one experience.


Flow is unlike any other restaurant/bar in St. Vincent. This is definitely the place for you if you’re a wine connoisseur or if you’re like me and just enjoy drinking wine! It is a restaurant with a difference in ambiance and menu and offers a secluded hideaway/getaway in the midst of the chaos of Kingstown.


Most definitely.


Conch Sushi Rice Cakes

Jalapeño Poppers



James Street


Telephone Number

(784) 457-0809



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