Bungalow (Visit #1 ★★★★)     

★★★★                                      $$ – $$$                                  Fine Dining                                Villa


Parking: Parking Lot

Open WiFi: Yes

Wheelchair Access: No (Although the restaurant is a stand alone property all on one level, there are various step ups and step downs around with no ramps. The upside is that the step ups and step downs are not very high)

Noise: Ambient Music

Dress code: None (But it is a bit more formal than the average restaurant)

Takes reservations: Yes

Bungalow is the latest restaurant to open as part of the “Flow” (read review here) restaurant empire. There is another restaurant which forms part of the trilogy and which is a beach bar called “Flowt”.

Bungalow occupies a beautiful property in Villa, almost directly facing the Young Island Resort,  and which was once a restaurant called “High Tide”.


Bungalow has the unique ability to transform its ambiance depending on the time of day. During the day it has the quintessential beach-side restaurant feel being directly on the water and boasting magnificent views of the Young Island Resort and the Grenadine Islands of Bequia, Baliceaux and Battowia. The decor is mostly made up of wooden elements and is beautifully minimalist.

By night the restaurant transforms into a more formal venue with it’s dim lights and lighting fixtures which reflect beautiful shapes on the ceilings. The feeling is sexy, classy and at the same time relaxed and comfortable.

The restaurant has two (2) booths in the center for large groups and scattered about the property inside and on the grass are tables for smaller groups. There are also two (2) small lounge areas inside at the bar area and of course seating directly at the bar.

One of my favourite features of the restaurant, however, is a small seating area just outside the bar area with a small hammock like type swing.

Photo Credit: https://instagram.com/flowandflowt


The menu is quite possibly one of my favourites of the restaurants I have visited in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The menu is a perfect blend of unique spins on local and international cuisine. The combinations are enticing.

Not pictured below is also a pizza menu with several signature pizzas and a make your own pizza option.

WM Bungalow 9.jpg

WM Bungalow 10.jpg

I must apologize for the poor quality of the picture of the cocktail menu. However, let’s just focus on how delicious these cocktails sound.


Type of meal: Dinner with the girls (the best type of meal there is)



Curry Sliders with mango chutney

Price: $24

WM Bungalow 2.jpg

Absolute perfection! A bit messy but what else can you expect from a slider filled with curried mutton and mango chutney goodness?

The bun was warm and perfectly toasted (not too hard, not too soft) just enough to give a slight crunch. The mutton itself was cooked to perfection. It was soft and pulled apart with little to no effort. And the mango chutney added a surprisingly wonderful burst of citrusy goodness that paired superbly with the curry.

Two orders of these sliders could quite possibly have been my entire main course. Yes. They were THAT good!


Conch Fritters

Price: $23

WM Bungalow 11.jpg

Again absolute perfection!

Most fritters are more fritter than the ingredient the fritter is supposed to be made of. This was not the case here. The ratio of conch to batter was overwhelming wonderful. The chef certainly did not skimp on using the conch. This was refreshing.

The dip, which the menu described as “pepper mayo”, paired perfectly with the fritters and did not overwhelm the actual taste of the conch.

Ginger-jerk dumplings (shrimp and pork steamed dumplings with honey and rum glaze)

Price: $27

WM Bungalow 4.jpg

Almost perfect!

The glaze was sweet but not too sweet and the filling was seasoned well and did not take away from the glaze. The dumpling itself was the very minor part of the appetizer that missed the mark for me. The tops of the dumplings were tough and overcooked. However, the rest of the dumplings were soft and dare I say “yummy”.


T-Bone Steak

Price: $40

Sides: Cole Slaw – $10 & Spicy Onion Rings $10

WM Bungalow 7-tile.jpg

A disappointing end to what started out as a magnificent food journey.

I requested that my steak be cooked medium rare but it was clearly well done and some parts over done. This made for some difficult chewing. The upside was that the seasoning was great and not too heavy.

The coleslaw was a bit bland, with every bite I yearned for something more to pop in my mouth. The onion rings, like the coleslaw, were also bland. True to their name they were spicy and perfectly fried but they were just missing that something.


Our waitress was the definition of excellent service. Always smiling, attentive and ready to suggest to us and guide us on various menu items. I wish we had gotten her name to give her a “shout out” because she really deserves it!

The service was efficient and the manager, Desiree, (whom I knew from a previous interaction) thanked us for coming.

This is the kind of service that overshadowed the over done steak and highlighted everything else that was good about the dining experience.


Bungalow needs very little work to become a staple in my life. The prices are affordable and the menu is expansive enough to satisfy any craving.


Most definitely. I need to try everything else.




Telephone Number

(784) 456-6777



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