The Loft (Visit #1 ★)

★             $$ – $$$             Beach-side Restaurant             Ratho Mill (Blue Lagoon Marina)


Parking: Parking Lot

Open WiFi: WiFi password is available for customers

Wheelchair Access: No (You must climb a flight of stairs to get to the restaurant)

Noise: Ambient Music

Dress code: None

Takes reservations: Yes

The Loft is a cosy restaurant located at the stunning Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina. The Loft is appropriately named being that it is indeed designed like a loft. It is the Hotel & Marina’s fine dining restaurant which features an international menu.


The Loft features beautiful views of the Marina and nearby Canash Beach. Although the restaurant is indoors it has a distinct open air feel. The decor is very beachy and bright and the pieces of art on the walls are beautiful and fit right into the theme of the restaurant.

There are many seating options available at the restaurant. There is a lounge area with comfortable couches and throw pillows, traditional seating areas for large or small groups featuring beautiful bamboo chairs and there is also seating at the bar and on the balcony.

Loft 11.jpg
Photo Credit:
WM Loft 1.jpg
I visited the Loft on a particularly rainy day so the view wasn’t as stunning.


I was only able to look at the lunch menu as the restaurant only offers certain options at certain times of the day. The lunch menu below does, however, offer a wide range of options which mixes both local and international cuisine.

WM Loft 5.jpg



Wahoo Ceviche

Price: $25

WM Loft 3.jpg

This was good ceviche! The fish tasted fresh and it was not stifled by a ton of seaonsing. However, my personal preference would have been to have the fish cut into smaller slices.

The Loft Chopped Salad

Price: $25 + $18 (Added Shrimp) = $43

WM Loft 2.jpg

I was taken aback and quite honestly appalled and annoyed when the salad was presented to me for the following reasons:

I. I asked the waiter specifically whether the salad was going to be big enough to be filling and he responded with not only “yes” but went on to state that it was a “very big salad”. As one can see from the pictures above, the salad is more of a starter salad than a main and is served in a slightly over-sized soup bowl.

II. The menu (above) described the salad as having “shaved vegetables, mixed greens, grapefruit, poppy seeds, croutons, feta, & olives”. Five (5) of those seven (7) ingredients were absent from my salad. I had to specifically ask the waiter for some feta cheese which was later brought to the table. All for the whopping price of $43!

III. The waiter presented me with honey mustard dressing for the salad. There was no option given and when I requested vinaigrette instead I was told that they were out and honey mustard was all that they had. However, a few minutes later someone “found” some vinaigrette and it was brought to the table.

The taste of the “salad” was as what can be expected from some grilled shrimp and a few vegetables – absolutely nothing special! and I do believe that the missing ingredients played a roll in this. On the upside the shrimp were large and tasty and what vegetables I did get were noticeably fresh.

Frozen Lime Margarita

Price: $18

WM Loft 4.jpg

The Margarita had a great taste, just enough tequila to make you smile! However, it clearly was not blended well as it rapidly melted within a few minutes of coming to the table.


The waiter and hostess were quite pleasant individuals and were very friendly. The service was, however, very slow for an almost empty restaurant and at some points it seemed as if they forgot my friend and I even existed.

The staff also did not seem very knowledgeable about the menu, as was evident by the incorrect assurances given to me about my salad.

Interestingly enough, my dining partner ordered a chicken wrap for lunch which was completely left off of the final (handwritten) bill. This points towards complete inattention and also opens the door for many possible errors in the final bill.


The setting of The Loft is undeniably stunning. It is quite unfortunate that the food was not as advertised and the service was so poor.

I hope this place can make a turn around soon because it really is a waste of a great spot and a good menu.


Yes but ONLY for the following reasons:

  1. To do a further review
  2. Maybe to have a glass of wine and enjoy the view (it is literally impossible to ruin a glass of wine).



Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina

Ratho Mill

Telephone Number

(784) 458-4308


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