Latin Zest Restaurant (Review #1 – ★ ★ ★★)    

★ ★ ★ ★                         $                    Restaurant/Bar               Heritage Square, Kingstown


Parking: Street

Open WiFi: *Will Update The Blog on This Soonest*

Wheelchair Access: No (You must climb a flight of stairs to get to the restaurant)

Noise: The sounds of Heritage Square

Dress code: None

Perched above the iconic Heritage Square bridge is Latin Zest Restaurant, a quaint restaurant and bar operated by Venezuelan expats. The restaurant offers a host of Latin dishes which seem to appeal to many locals and with its just-wide-enough menu, it brings the tastes of Latin America to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


The restaurant is in the heart of Kingstown and features bold red accents and views of Heritage Square and the historic Old Public Library.

It offers few seating options as it occupies a very small space. You can sit at one of two bar tables with comfy bar stools, which gives you either a view of the Old Public Library or the main street of Heritage Square. You can also opt to sit at the regular short tables within the space. The bar table options are my personal favourite as you can “people- watch” and enjoy the breeze that being above street level affords.

LZ 1.jpg

LZ 2.jpg

LZ 3.jpg


This is a Latin restaurant so you’re not going to find any creole food here. You will however, find an array of Latin staples and burgers. Yes, “LATIN” Zest offers burgers! I suppose it just goes to show that a burger is the one thing that is universal.

LZ 5.jpg

lz 6.jpg



Beef Empanada (the “Latin Patty”)

WM LZ 7.jpg


This Empanada was absolute perfection and it was HUGE! I had this for breakfast and didn’t have lunch thereafter. It was perfectly made and the beef inside was tender, plentiful and tasty.

Latin Zest offered condiments of garlic sauce and local hot pepper sauce. The combination with the Empanada filling was glorious.


This a walk up to the counter and order type of place. Servers aren’t going to come to you to take your order and that’s quite fine. They, however, bring the food directly to the table for those dining in.

The staff are very warm and very friendly, they don’t speak English fluently from what I could tell but they are patient to try to understand what the customer is saying. In my opinion this adds to the appeal of the restaurant.


This is a genuine Latin restaurant, the staff are Venezuelan and are making the foods they grew up cooking and eating.  You always know when food is made with care and love and this food definitely is.

The restaurant is a refreshing addition to the Kingstown food scene, allowing Vincentians to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.


As often as I can.



James Street, Heritage Square

Telephone Number

(784) 457-1631


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