Altitude Sports Bar & Restaurant(Review #1 ★★★)

★★★                                 $                                      Sports Bar                                       Kingstown


Parking: Street

Open WiFi: WiFi password is available for customers.

Wheelchair Access: No (The restaurant is called “Altitude” for a reason.  You have to climb at least three (3) flights of stairs to get to the top floor of the building it occupies)

Noise: The music was a bit loud when I visited, but this is a sports bar.

Dress code: None

Takes reservations: Yes

Altitude Sports Bar & Restaurant is located on the top floor of the Computec Building on Bay Street. It is accessible on both Egmont Street and Bay Street and offers an open air escape in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Kingstown.


There is no ambiance really to speak of. The decor is pretty basic and the focus seems to be on the large flat screen TV perched in the main dining area and the beautifully designed stone and wood bar.

Altitude offers spectacular views that cannot be found at any other restaurant in the heart of Kingstown. Diners can see from the Cane Garden point and Cruise Ship Terminal right over to historic Fort Charlotte.

The restaurant offers seating both inside, directly at the bar and on the balcony where you get the stunning views of Kingstown.

WM Altitude 3.jpg
The view from the balcony
The Computec Building (Photo Credit:

WM Altitude 5.jpg


Again, this is truly a sports bar. The menu is pretty basic and is written over the bar in chalk, which is definitely a fun and unique feature.

On the day I visited the menu consisted of pizza, wings and fries, fried/grilled fish and fries and burgers and fries.

WM Altitude 4.jpg
The beautiful stone and wood bar with menu above


Type of meal: Quick Lunch


Fish (Fried Tuna) and fries with salad and a Bitter Lemon

Price: $23 (including Bitter Lemon)

WM Altitude 1.jpg

WM Altitude 2.jpg

This was overall a pretty decent meal for the price. The portion size was great and the plating was appealing.

The greens which made up the salad were very fresh and crisp. In fact, when I initially ordered my meal the waitress asked whether I would wait a few extra minutes on the meal as they had just popped out to get fresh lettuce for the salad. The fish was just a tad bit too salty for me but overall not bad.

I would have preferred other salad dressing options though. The only one available was ranch dressing.


The service was pretty good. The waitresses were efficient, polite and attentive! The wait on the food was also relatively short.


Altitude should consider replacing the seating on the balcony with high tables and chairs so as to allow customers to take advantage of the beautiful view.

The view is one of the most appealing things about dining here and it is obstructed by the railings when you actually sit down to eat.

The menu was a bit limited when I visited. However, their facebook page indicates that their menu usually has more than just what I encountered.

If you have only an hour for lunch I would recommend dining at Altitude, the food is good and the wait is relatively short. You definitely won’t feel rushed eating and having to run back to the office.


Yes! Most of the food options in Kingstown are mostly always full and don’t really give you a sense of a relief from actually being in Kingstown. Altitude offers an escape and good food at an inexpensive price.



Top Floor, Computec Building

Egmont Street, Kingstown

Telephone Number

(784) 431-0008




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