James Street Eatery (Review #1 ★★★★)

★★★★                                   $                                Casual Dining                                 Kingstown


Parking: Street

Open WiFi: WiFi password is available for customers.

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Noise: No Music

Dress code: None

Takes reservations: Did not inquire, as this is a walk up to the counter and order type of establishment

James Street Eatery is a hidden gem in the heart of Kingstown. It recently opened it doors and is located on James Street in the Linton Lewis Building.

Its location is convenient especially for those persons working or conducting business “up-town” and offers a spacious, comfortable, air-conditioned environment.


As stated above, Eatery offers a spacious, air conditioned environment, which is a welcomed break in what can be a hectic and humid capital.

There are big windows facing the main street, which have a mirrored tint but still allows for a lot of light to enter and while at the same time allows diners to “people-watch” and eat in privacy.

The restaurant features a beautiful bright green accent wall that really brings the restaurant to life and a flat -screen television hangs overhead.

Seating ranges from booths, which can easily and comfortably seat abut 4 persons to tables and chairs which seat 2 persons. I personally love the idea of the booths as they offer a soft backrest and are closest to the windows.




If you’re a picky eater then Eatery is the place for you. The menu is so extensive that you’re sure to find something that you want to order.

The menu is mostly creole food but also offers great breakfast and snack options for those not looking to dine on something too heavy.

I did reconnaissance on the restaurant prior to actually going in to purchase food so I had the opportunity to see the variations in the menu.

Reconnaissance pic: The very unique chalk-board preview menu placed outside of the restaurant on the sidewalk
Reconnaissance pic: The menu as it was on that day
The menu on the day I purchased lunch


Type of meal: Lunch


The $10 meal

Meat: Jerk Chicken

Sides: Penne Pasta & Chow Mein

The meal also came automatically with a side salad which was a pleasant surprise!


I have so many things to say about this meal! But first let’s just admire how attractive it all is. Okay…have we sufficiently admired it? Now let’s talk about taste.

The “Jerk” Chicken: I had to put the word jerk in inverted commas because anyone who has had real jerk would not be too happy about this. In all fairness, this IS what most of the Caribbean refers to as jerk chicken (to the annoyance of Jamaica).

Outside of the fake jerk, the meat itself was tasty and the thigh was of a great size.

Penne Pasta: Fantastic! I am usually very scared to order pasta because it’s either under-cooked, overcooked or bland. This pasta was none of these things. In fact, I could have eaten the pasta by itself as a full meal.

Chow Mein: Again, fantastic! Just the right amount of vegetables mixed in and not at all oily or heavy. This Chow Mein is undoubtedly 100 times better than the Chow Mein for sale at the Cantonese restaurant just footsteps away.

Overall this was a great meal. I enjoyed every bit of it, or I should say I enjoyed what I could finish because I honestly could not. It was SO MUCH food!

The meal was also nicely packaged in a compact, circular, re-usable and microwavable container. The cover snapped securely in place and allowed for easy, no mess transportation of the meal from the restaurant to my office.



There isn’t much to say about the service. This is a walk up to the counter and order type of restaurant. You place your order, pay and you’re given a number, which is called when your meal is plated/packaged and ready to be collected.

The cashier was accommodating, not very friendly but courteous. She patiently explained to me what the different meal sizes and prices comprised of and was again patient when I needed time to decide on what I actually wanted.

The employee packaging my food was also quite courteous and allowed me to choose the cut of chicken I desired.


Again, Eatery is a gem! Like Latin Zest and Altitude Sports Bar & Restaurant, it offers great food at very reasonable prices in the heart of Kingstown.

The portions are great and the restaurant itself is one of the most comfortable I’ve experienced in Kingstown. Normally, restaurants which offer decent food at low prices don’t offer much by way of customer comfort. Eatery breaks this mold and makes you actually want to dine in.

The menu may be overwhelming for some but a gift to others, who may be fed up of the usual offerings available in Kingstown. The fact that they offer breakfast and snack items is also a major bonus!

This place is a treasure. Cheap food, great quality, sizable portions and friendly staff – Eatery has a winning combination. If they maintain this standard they can easily become the go-to spot for many.


Yes! I may just go there tomorrow for lunch actually.



James Street, Kingstown

Telephone Number

(784) 456-2107



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