Prestige Cocktail Bar & Lounge (Review #1 ★★✩)

★★✩                         $-$$                         Cocktail Bar & Lounge                         Vigie Highway


Parking: Street

Open WiFi: WiFi password is available for customers

Wheelchair Access: No

Noise: Ambient Music

Dress code: None

Takes reservations: Yes

Prestige is a brand new spot located along the always busy Vigie Highway. For me, it is an upscale sports bar fused with a sleek lounge, but Prestige is marketed a cocktail bar and lounge.

Prestige is right on the highway, which would normally make for an uncomfortably loud environment with all the traffic. However, Prestige has been able to remedy this problem without giving up location by positioning itself on the top floor of the building it occupies. This creates a feeling of not being right on the highway. In fact, the only vehicle noise you will hear is maybe a very loud motorbike or minivans which choose to be rolling stereos.


Prestige doesn’t look like much when you first look at the building from street level but as you climb the stairs, sided by large vibrant pictures of food and drink you start getting a feel for what Prestige really is.

Sign from street level
Photo of stairs taken from the top

As you get to the top of the stairs you are met by dim but beautiful lighting and electric blue accents. The space itself is not huge, but it is just big enough to create an intimate vibe but yet separate different groups.

There a few different seating options available to patrons:

Right at the bar with its cool blue lighting, which matches the decor perfectly!


Under this covered area close to the bar on traditional tables and chairs


This covered area with bar stools. This space seems a bit awkward as it is very narrow.


The lounge areas, which feature comfortable couches and can seat very large groups. These areas also feature large branded tables. The tables also have a very unique and fun feature about them. Two of them are equipped with built in games (Checkers and Snakes and Ladders) while the other table is the entire Prestige menu. How cool is that?!





The menu isn’t an expansive menu but it has just enough to please any palate and in my opinion the menu items are quite affordable.

The cocktail/drinks menu is quite extensive and it gives patrons the option of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.



Seafood platter – $35


The platter is never the same on any night. It is a combination of seafood items that the chef creates on the particular day or night you visit. This is fantastic because it prevents the menu from becoming tired and boring.

On the night I visited the platter comprised of shrimp kebabs, fish strips and samosas. The platter itself was smaller than expected and I was disappointed in the size of the items.

Shrimp Kebabs – No. Just no! The shrimp were tiny (my friend jokingly referred to them as plankton) and they tasted barbecued, not grilled. They also tasted heavily of barbecue sauce and something else very sweet. The kebab also had pieces of fresh tomato and cucumber which were not a great a combination with the already poorly tasting shrimp.

Fish Strips – These were great. Although they were fried they weren’t very oily and the fish was soft and very tasty.

Samosas – No. Again just no! To this day I’m unsure what kind of samosas they were. I struggled to figure out if it was codfish or some other type of fish and whatever type of fish was in them was quite lacking. The majority of the samosas were made up of potato. They were also quite oily and didn’t taste very fresh.

The platter came with a dressing that tasted like a salad dressing rather than a dip for the different components. When asked for a different type, what was presented was another salad dressing type “dip”. The second was much better than the first but still not great.

The shrimp would have been 100% better had it been seasoned lightly and grilled with maybe onion on the kebab. A squeeze of lime on this would have then made it simple but perfect.

The platter itself should have come with a dip more suitable for seafood such as tartar sauce or aioli.

This platter was very small, not filling and save for the fish everything else was unappetizing.


The service was extremely slow. It took about an hour to get the seafood platter, which was confusing because the platter was quite small and consisted of nothing complicated to make. The restaurant was also not very busy so the wait time was unacceptable. The drinks also took quite some time to arrive.

I must mention two stand out things with the service however:

  1. The owner/manager comped my friend’s wings after she complained about the wait time, which showed genuine concern and he also apologized profusely for the inconvenience.
  2. Our waitress Charlene (or at least I remember her name to be Charlene) was extremely pleasant and warm. It seemed as if the restaurant was short staffed on that night and despite the pressure she was obviously under she maintained a pleasant demeanor.


I think Prestige is going to be a big hit. The food can be worked on and it can get better. The restaurant/bar itself is inviting and fresh. The unique game tables and lounge areas are a fun idea and it seems as if the management really has a vision for what it want Prestige to be.


Yes definitely. Prestige is VERY new and it deserves a chance to really come into its own. I like the environment and it really is a beautiful place.



Vigie Highway

Telephone Number

(784) 4346-868


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