Frost Bites (Compilation Review #1 – ★★★✩)

★★★✩                            $-$$                               Casual Dining/ Café                              Frenches Gate


Parking: Street

Open WiFi: No

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Noise: Local radio plays throughout out

Dress code: None

Takes reservationst: Yes

Frost Bites is a café/restaurant, which is the baby of the parent company “Frisko” which creates some of the most delectable ice cream and ice cream treats in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Frost Bites is conveniently located at Frenches Gate, before you actually enter the chaos of Kingstown.


Frost Bites is one of the most comfortable spots in Kingstown. It is air conditioned and has wide glass doors and windows, which allows for unobstructed views of the busy street outside and the people going about their daily routines.

The café/restaurant has a simple, neat and overall a very nice set up. It’s orange and green colour scheme pairs well with the wooden counter tops and glass furniture.

Seating options available are several round and square glass tables but there are also several bar stools at the main counter, which offers alternative seating, perfect for if you’re dining alone. On the walls are beautiful images of dairy treats and sandwiches, which are enough to cause you to immediately become famished.


The menu at Frost Bites is not very wide. This is predominantly an ice cream bar so the majority of the menu focuses on dairy treats. However, there are a few other light lunch/breakfast items available.


Pepperoni Panini (whole) – $11.50 (Added mushrooms: $1.50)

This panini is basically a pizza sandwich, an amazingly tasty pizza sandwich!

The panini was perfectly toasted, golden and crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. The panini automatically comes with onions, sweet peppers, cheese and of course pepperoni. This was in itself a great combination of flavours but the mushrooms just added another something to the texture of the panini.

The size of the panini was also quite impressive. At $11.50 the panini is a steal. It is an entire meal in itself and it has to be cut into four sections just to have it packaged. Each section is almost the size of my hand.

Coffee Ice Cream (1 scoop) – $ (in waffle cone – $) *will update on price*

I previously mentioned that Frisko ice cream creates some of the best dairy treats in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and their coffee ice creams confirms this.

This is hands down the best coffee ice cream I have ever had. It is creamy and bursting with flavour!

The waffle cone was a bit brittle but also quite tasty nonetheless.

Chicken Caesar Salad – $14

My only complaint about this salad was the size…but then again it was only $14. It was quite tasty! The chicken had clearly been grilled with rosemary as I could see pieces of it and taste it bursting in my mouth. The lettuce was fresh and crisp and the dressing was not over powering. The croutons were also pretty fresh.

As I said before, the only downside was the size because it wasn’t really filling.

Caramel Latte Frostie (Small – $9.50) (added caramel syrup – $.075)

If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the smoothie for you. This was sugar overload but in a great way. You should know however, that I noticed that this is made with a powder rather than actual coffee. If you tend to be picky about your ingredients then you should probably inquire before purchase. I enjoyed it nonetheless.


I’ve visited Frost Bites a few times now and I must say that the service can be a bit inconsistent. There are some days when the staff goes above and beyond and are very attentive and courteous and there are others when they seem lacklustre. We are all human and can’t be in happy mode all of the time but the inconsistency is something that can be worked on.



The best ice cream you will get in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be here. Hands down! I can’t repeat this enough.

Frost Bites is definitely a favourite of mine in Kingstown. Although I wish they had a wider food menu, what they do, they do well. There’s no denying that this is an opinion shared by many as the place is usually packed to capacity by school children at midday and on afternoons. If the kids think it’s great then who am I to argue with them?


Duh. Passing by tomorrow to try Dasheen ice cream…yes Dasheen.



Frenches Gate, Kingstown

Telephone Number

(784) 485-6307


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